How to prevent a cold

by Persian Pelican

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released December 10, 2012

All songs are written and composed by Andrea Pulcini

Arrangements and Sound production by Andrea Pulcini and Michele Boreggi

Recorded at Mio Studio by Michele Boreggi

Graphic design and Photography by Davide Luciani

Guitar, ukulele, vocals, farfisa, glockenspiel - Andrea Pulcini

Bass, farfisa, samples - Michele Boreggi

Drums - Marcello Piccinini
except 'How to prevent a cold' 'A doll's house' and 'Glass fragments in the soup' played by Luca Terriaca

Cello - Francesco Testa

Accordion - Paolo Testa

special thanks to Matteo Meloni



all rights reserved


Persian Pelican Marche, Italy

Persian Pelican is the musical project of Andrea Pulcini. Thanks to his first two self-released albums, he started to gain recognition for his intimate and melancholic songwriting, as well as his lyrics that describe the melodramas of everyday life. Pulcini’s third LP, Sleeping Beauty, came out in April of 2016. It was produced with the help of Bomba Dischi, Malintenti Dischi, and Trovarobato. ... more

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Track Name: Everyone with his own past
This is life. A sliver of light
that plunges out of sight.
A swallow feather iced.
I burn my sweetness before showing it.
A pity orphan play. Tomato sauce on the stage.
I wanna be an acid clown, have a mask and lie to you.
I know, we’ll meet again to see piranhas in the ocean.
You will eat dates and fish a rumba will make us dance.
We have our own past.
I don't know how make it lighter,
smile for me, one last time…
She reminds me of faded tenor clef.
She reminds me of huge cotton fields.
I don’t want violins in the background.
Don’t forget me when we are strangers.
Track Name: There is no forever for us
But, aren’t you tired of playing the same note?
We have ten fingers to exchange wedding vows
that every night tumble out of bed...
And every morning smiling seems a crime.
When you are absorbed I see you fall into decay,
but the darkness is temporary...
the tragedy is not something you can pretend not to see.
I despise you for no reason. What can I do?
While I pretended to sleep,
I saw you spitting out in disgust,
removing my pubic hair from your mouth
and running to the bath
and screaming in silence...
looking at you in the mirror…
She said these words before she disappeared:
“There's no for ever for us, my dear!”.
Track Name: Overcast sky
They usually went to church on Sundays, to pray on Sundays,
but then she forced him to lie in bed;
he couldn’t read the Bible at Sunday mass.
She forced him to take the newspapers out the door stark naked.
In winter they used to jerk off together,
'cause he didn't want to see her cry at dinner.
Every year in March, he watched her taking blood samples every day.
“She reminds me of a hopeless case, be careful, take care of her!”
said a doctor confidently, then he ran away, making the sign of the cross.
“You are a blood red bird on my mind.
You are one of the ants that fill my mouth.
Why do you hate me?”.
“You already know,
it's too late to tell you everything now.
I mean, I'm not here to discuss.
Moreover, you didn't even know...
When there's a heavy overcast sky.
I lose control. I lose my mind.
You've always preferred payments in kind.
I don't know why, I'm your wife”.
Track Name: How to prevent a cold
Will you marry me, shining girl far from prying eyes?
A raging crowd divides us.
There's no time for delay to brush your neck for a little while.
Don't pretend to not care, it's not a prayer.
You glide into the fire and twist the knife in the wound.
Have you ever seen a rat leap in the air?
A swarm of truncheons make him fall in a world without toys.
A lightning rod provides
a low-resistance path to ground.
To battle it out, I'm at your disposal as cannon fodder.
Why have you forsaken me!
Oh, why have you forsaken me!
I did all my best to not betray you.
I am close to collapsing. Caress my bloody head.
All in all, I have always believed
in the invisible theatre of everyday life.
After all, I need to fall in love to stay alive.
I don't mind, I don't mind the cold.
Track Name: Glass fragments in the soup
Our love affair…
It’s always the same old story.
It's a war of film genres?!
Always the same players on the scene...
Me, in a melodramatic mood.
You, always the same busty maid.
“I have a stain on my shirt!”
“I beg you to forgive me!
Put me in handcuffs and spank me if you love my skin!”
“I prefer to whip you, to pay homage to the Roman Empire.
Let me do it until we fall asleep in a blood pollution.
I've had enough of comforting ends, but…”
Every day I see you putting glass fragments in the soup.
You've poisoned me with guile, because
I hung fifteen lambs instead of the chandelier,
only for your sins.
I think this is our last supper.
We eat the bread like traitors.
Outside the snow continues to do monologues for anyone.
Track Name: Silent changes
Abide with me even if sometimes my mind falters
and like a good child swims in the pollen.
Wait for execution. A feeling I’ve felt in a dream.
I noticed that everyone wanted to respect the decision.
For the first time I wanted to disappear slowly like the moon,
but the pure kingdom of ashes has no mercy
of a body dressed with dreams full of illusions.
“Where are you going, little girl?”.
“I’m going to look for daises and scarecrows,
where the sun doesn’t colour only the day,
where the fields have cracks. To fall in it’s fun!”
“I can’t move, but help me to spread the scent
that my bones enclose and forgive me if I fled like a thief,
I promise you no doubts will live in my heart,
please, give me your hand”.
Sings a song, “you have to wait for a change,
that will change the taste of your lips
and the shape of my silent smiles.
You have to wait for a change”.
Track Name: A doll's house
“I spent many years at your side and seems I have lived
in a long recess, cheerful as a child who receives dolls and sweets.
I’ll not stay long in this milk ‘cos it will turn sour very soon.
It’s not you who is chasing me away, but I that demand you to stay”.
When everything is said we will not fear silence.
Will there be a new morning?
“The true face of poverty is hiding its misery.
I’ll never be one of those criminals who make and break our destiny.
I’ve lost respect for everything that has ceased to be respectable.
You're a snake and you’ll return a reptile”.
When everything is said we will not fear silence.
Will there be a new morning?
“Where are you going, my little soft squirrel,
don’t leave me alone in this doll’s house!”
“Let me cut off your lamblike arms and legs,
you never worry about my mental health”.
“Nora, I can’t believe that I’m a stranger to you,
I can change, please, believe me!”.
“Don’t be silly, you can slither like a worm
and try to remain faithful to yourself”.
Track Name: A wife during wartime
Mirror on the wall,
who is the fairest one of all? Reveal me!
Soldiers are useless 'cause
no one can understand war, not even me.
Only one night stands give me the strength to love...
Soul is a vanity if we are well...
a torment if you're waiting for his death...
and my body will burn to ash, thinking back of him...
Hero in a country of parched bitches
who had penetrated icily his ass
to the astonished flesh and stop!
where the dark root of the howl trembles.
Track Name: Little red riding hood
I change my bed sheets every day,
but every night she continues to appear.
I look at her ability to undress herself
like a Persian cat licking its paws.
She ties me down with a skipping rope
and spreads her royal jelly on my moles.
“Could your hymen already be broken?
What big lips you have!”
A wicker basket full of devil’s claws.
She sings a song jumping up and down.
“I’m trying to think where I first met you!”.
I’m terrified she’ll notice my mistake.
She pushes my carbine in my skinny bum
and says: “Don’t fuck with me, or I’ll break your dick!
Shut up, you are a goddamn hunter!
It was only a parable”.
“Don’t you come back, no more!
And remove me from your fairy world.
I'll read ‘How to act like a wolf’,
I loved you, little red riding hood”.
Track Name: Indian ink
If you were a sexy fairy…
Lick the cream on my face.
Feed me wearing your red wool
and light my fire chewing cereals.
If that is an Indian ink
pour me a glass, filled to the brim.
Offer me your sleep and try
to vivify my languid eyes.
You have been with me for so long.
I have nothing to complain,
but the eggs will break if we'll sit on 'em
and not even the squirrels can save them.
I’d like to help you little V.,
but you’ve had enough of me.
I disagree with the explanations.
Only the chemical decided everything.
Track Name: Nothing to hide
Maybe you feel lonely with those dish clothes.
Maybe you are lovely when you wash the damn spoons.
You pray and soothe your anguish saying:
“Come here birds and break this silence!”
I can spend days and nights
gazing at the palms of my hands.
Outside the frail ring of human warmth,
there's only eternal cruelty
and the lilies come up from dead mouths.
I always used a brush to clean off the dust.
I can't laugh anymore.
Save my soul before I vanish into thin air.
I confide my secrets to trees.
Nothing to hide, dust has been cleaned.
Track Name: Dorothy
I don't want
to clean this smoke-filled room.
Without her love life has lost its flavour for me.
How do I calm down my mind that never settles?
My hand is still warm.
Don't make a meal of it!
There is a smile of love
and there is a smile of deceit
and there is a hammer...
I'll kiss your feet then I'll go take a hot bath.
You were so pretty next to the blood stain on the carpet.
After all what remains of us?
Just a name and sticky dust.
Your Grace, you were a keen desire.
A lullaby called Dorothy.